Monday, June 1, 2009

No time like the PRESENTS!

When it comes to wedding planning, there's one thing I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to - creating the gift registry. I can't wait to get to a store, get that registry gun in my hand, and just start zapping items I can't live without. I think the Beatles said it best "Happiness is a warm gun".

As much as I can't wait to get into a store and start shooting, I just saw a new way to do things that may keep me home. You can now register on They have an area of their website dedicated to wedding registries! The best part of the service is that amazon installs a "Put on Registry" button onto your browser. You don't have to find your gifts on their site. You can be on ANY store online. No matter how big or small. Any time you see something you want online you can click the "Add to my Amazon Registry" button and the item seamlessly gets added to your registry. For example, you could be on the Williams Sonoma site, see a kitchen gadget you need, and add it to your Amazon registry! It's incredible. The entire internet is at your fingertips and accessible for your registry.

What do you guys think of the idea? Incredible right?


  1. I think the Amazon thing is awesome, but I still would want to register in a store as well...purely for the fun of the laser gun thing! Let's go do that!

  2. Yeah I definitely want to pick like one home store and register there. But I dont mind registering for vacations, ps3 (for you davey), and other selfish crazy things that no one will probably buy us!

  3. That sounds awesome, because then you can add stuff at any time you please (at work, at home, on a boat...)

    You don't have to physically go to the store and then get mad because the 250 count bedspread that you want is only featured at another store that you're not yet registered at.

  4. I am a big fan of internet registries! The only reason I would think to register in any actual store is for the people who are uncomfortable buying things online.

  5. yeah dude, thats y i registered at amazon! i want cool stuff not just china! if ur young and getting married adapt to the times!