Monday, June 22, 2009

"He's just not that into you"

This has absolutely nothing to do with wedding planning at all, but I felt that it should be noted:

The movie "He's just not that into you" is quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. We rented it this weekend, because we love watching mindless movies. What it resulted in was feeling completely depressed about relationships in general.

The wedding is still on.... but BARELY! (not because the movie made me skeptical about relationships - but because it was Rebecca's idea to rent it)


  1. Shut up, the wedding is still on, in full force. But basically, what I've learned since watching that movie is: 1) Guys are scumbags 2) If those scumbags end up really liking you, they will make the effort, marry you, then cheat on you 3) All women are morons who sit around pining over guys all day and have nothing better to do than talk about how guys might like them and make up excuses for them. Soooooooo lame.

  2. Amen girl. All except the guys are scumbags part. I read the book and refuse to see the movie. Totally disheartening though...but it absolutely reminds me of some girls and the guys they've dated before though!! I get the same feeling from Love, Actually too...that movie made me so pessimistic about love. Anyone else feel that way?

  3. But the Natty Boh Man makes a cameo!!!