Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A cool way to end the night

How'd you end your reception? Did you have people throw rice, release doves, hold sparklers, shoot fireworks, or just wave goodbye? Lately, sparklers seem to be the trend. They're priced right AND drunk people love to write their names in sparks in front of themselves. However, if you're having an evening wedding, and don't want sparklers, I came across something kind of cool...

Check these out: Sky Lanterns

They are like mini hot air balloons. You light them, and in like 10 seconds they float up and away. They are completely biodegradable and will not harm any animals. They sell wedding packs of 100 sky lanterns that vary in size. It seems like a really cool way to end the night. I already emailed the company to see if you could potentially tie the lanterns and have them hover above your reception illuminating it - and I got yelled at by the company. They told me "Sky Lanterns should never be tied down and are meant to fly!". (I have some friends that live by the same philosophy!)

Anyway - just thought I'd share this with you guys. Even though you can fly these lanterns anywhere, if we do a wedding near the beach I think it would be a cool way to end the night. It would certainly make for some pretty cool pictures!


  1. Also, if you are friends with us and your wedding is before ours, don't be jerks and use this idea..:)

  2. I love this idea!

  3. Ooh, biodegradable?? I had seen these before but didn't know they were biodegradable! Still might be nervous about forest fires though where we are...

  4. I like it.

    I personally kind of like sparklers. Not a whole lot to clean up.

  5. We were going to have these, however our reception is within the 5 mile radius of our local airport and we were advised that it would interfer with planes landing!