Thursday, June 25, 2009

Temple of Groom - Best New Wedding Blog!

Wow! I just got an email from Wedding Blog Awards letting me know that Temple of Groom has won "Best New Wedding Blog"! That's pretty exciting. I wish I had prepared some sort of speech. (pulls a speech from his jacket pocket...)

Unreal! Who would have thought 27 years ago that I would one day win the "Best New Wedding Blog" award? Certainly not me! Through the ups and the downs, the twists and the turns, my family has always been there for me. For that, I thank them. Without their love and support I would never have had the courage to turn the laptop on and write a blog. There are so many times in life where people tell you that you CAN'T do things. That you WON'T do things. (the crowd starts to "boo") No, no, hear me out. (the crowd hushes) To the people that told me I couldn't, or wouldn't, I thank you too. Your negativity was my catalyst to prove you wrong. It's a fact that 95% of all wedding blogs are written by women. People doubted that this could be done by a man. (start tearing up) People called me... (almost lose it)...people called me (pause) Ah, I told myself I wouldn't get emotional. (now pull it together) People called me names and said I was stupid for writing a blog. Who's stupid now?! (Applause!) I won't allow your bloggetry (wink) to get me down!

To my loving fiance, Rebecca: (hold up award) We did it baby!! (hold for applause and camera close up on Rebecca) Without you I wouldn't have started the blog. I'm so happy I had the idea, and then you supported me every step of the way! Ernie thank you for not barking too much while I needed to sit down and write something, and thank you for letting me take some cute pictures of you!

Gosh, I know I'm forgetting a whole bunch of people to thank! Thank you to for bestowing this prestigious award upon me. And most importantly, thank YOU, my fans, my followers, anyone that has made a comment, and anyone who has ever visited the blog. (crowd roars) Without you this blog would just be something I do for myself. I write this as an outlet for myself, sure, but hopefully in some way it's an outlet for you too. I love you all. Lastly, I want to take a moment to thank someone special. This person has helped creatively along the way, and I think he should be thanked. He's a great guy and I want him to know one day we'll blog his wedding! To my good friend Ni..(music plays me off so I don't get to finish but I don't care I'm just so happy!)

Anyway - that's just a little something that I happened to have in my pocket in case the situation ever came up! Go see my honor on the website by clicking the picture below!


  1. Nicely done sir. You bow to no one.

  2. Hey brat!!!! this blog was MY idea!! waaah!! and I even came up with the clever name!!!!! you spotlight stealing bastard!! :) Oh make sure you blog about how you got your wedding ring last night! woot woot! (also my idea to use your grandfather's ring--i'm just putting it out there so everyone knows the true genius behind everything) love u!!

  3. Well done, it was our pleasure. The speach was perfect.

  4. You truly are a geek...thats why you will make such a great addition to the family!! You fit in well!! I'm proud of ya (or maybe I should say Reebs)!!!

  5. What an honor. Congratulations.