Friday, June 19, 2009

What SHOULD I be doing?

Okay, so we're 14.5 months away from our wedding. THAT'S most likely the real reason I haven't been Bloggy McBloggerson lately. Honestly, if there's something I should be planning right now or we'll be WAY far behind, please tell me. This isn't even guy lingo for "Holy Eff, we're 14 months away and we're ALREADY talking wedding stuff. Get off my back woman." This is just normal person talk for "We aren't in the thick of things yet, so let's just have some fun enjoying the calm before the storm".

However, here's a list of what we've gotten done though (I think we've got a good start):
- Bought a Gocco to eventually do invites/programs/thank you cards/etc
- Bought the wedding dress!
- Picked our colors
- Picked our date
- Bought Ernie a tie for the wedding!
- Saw what potentially will be our wedding venue

So I know that's not a lot when it comes to weddings, but people (including my cousin & his wife who just had an AWESOME wedding) can pull together a wedding in like less than 8 months, I gotta believe we can figure this out in the next 15.

Anything off topic anyone wants to talk about?


  1. Man, you work production. If you can't pull off a wedding in 14 months you need to find a new job.

  2. I'm planning my wedding in 8 months and its will be great, but (always a but in wedding planning) its all wedding all the time, and something it can be more expensive.
    I get in early and get a fixed price on your food (and drink if your getting them from the same people) because the price usually goes up about 5-10% every 12 months.