Monday, June 1, 2009

While I'm thinking about gifts...

...what are some "off the beaten track" items you registered for? Anything fun other than new plates/silverware/blenders?

If not, what's been the best thing you registered for? Was there anything on your list that you said "No way in hell someone will buy that for us" and next thing you knew it was delivered to your place?


  1. We are going to be registered with our photographer so people can put money towards our album. I'd so much rather have beautiful photos of my family than a china set that we'll never use! I also know of people who have registered with a travel agent for their honeymoon.

  2. You can also create a wedding registry on My fiancée has already registered for a Kindle DX.

  3. There's this new registry system online that I ran across... cash registries! You tell your guests about the big purchase you'd like to make and then they contribute "shares" to your goal. Here's one I just googled... but I know there are a few more out there.

  4. board games!!
    i got mad gab at my shower and have also registered for apples to apples. both are great games for when you have company :)