Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holiday Weekend Wedding?

With Memorial Day weekend just ending, I've got holiday weekends on the mind. What does everyone think about having a wedding (or attending a wedding) on a holiday weekend? We're thinking of having our wedding on Labor Day weekend of 2010. Before you call us jerks, hear me out...

You have to keep in mind that it's tough for Jews because we can't get married on Saturday unless it's like an hour after sun down. SO if you do that, then you're getting married at like 8pm, having a cocktail hour from 8:30-9:30, then starting the reception. Many places we've looked require music to be cut off at 10pm. So, there goes the party.

So we want to get married on a Sunday. But then it's tough for family/friends back east. They come out here, have to take a Monday off work.....so a holiday weekend is what we're thinking.

I know it makes travel a little more pricey...but it may be our only option to have a wedding people can attend. What does everyone think? Are Holiday Weekend weddings okay?


  1. My first reaction is that it is a BAD idea.

    People have annual plans/events that they go to on holiday weekends, and wedding things can screw that up. This year I'm going to a wedding on fourth of July weekend (!!!!!!!) instead of my routine BBQ and fireworks in Lake Worth with friends, and I am a little pissed about it. I mean, obviously not enough to not go to the wedding, but enough to be like "why?!"

    I understand that people have the extra day off, but another thing you have to consider is how not only the prices go up on holiday weekends, but how travel can turn into a TOTAL bitch. Flights get delayed, airports are crowded, and things are just generally unpleasant.

    That being said, a Sunday wedding is perfectly cool. Anyone who is going to make an effort to be at your wedding and reception can take a day off of work and just head back on Monday for cheaper prices and less traveling hassle. i think doing that is LESS invasive on friends and family than planning on a long weekend.

  2. See, I would completely disagree with poster above. It sounds like a lot of people will be traveling to your wedidng and if you were planning it in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa, I might say holiday weekend wedidng bad. BUT you are planning it on the coast in California..that's the perfect oportunity to turn a wedding into a fun trip! I've been to both San Antonio when the Spurs were int eh payoffs and Niagra Falls thanks to weddings that could have been boring fly in and out one day, but since I had that extra day I took one more and had a vacation I couldn't have afforded otherwise.

  3. i think it depends on the holiday. July 4th i agree is rude. as is New Years Day. But I think Labor Day is okay, esp since you are having a Jewish wedding this does make it easier for ppl to attend from the east coast w/out having to take off Monday. I have been to two weddings on Labor Day and since its usually the most perfect weather. So i think Labor Day is okay.

  4. Don't do it, create your own long weekend, get married on a friday afternoon, so so many good reasons.
    A) cheaper than Saturday - 10-25%
    B) If your doing it in the afternoon people only have to take a half day off work and can party till there hearts content knowing they don't have to go back to work the next day
    c) it allows out of towns to spend the rest of the time with family and friends.
    d) I Australia we don't do Rehearsal dinners but its becoming popular to have recovery BBQ/picnic - everyone get together the next day to relax and hang out. Go for out of town people

    Anyway thats my idea (and what we are doing) I've had a great reaction from everyone

  5. Welcome to the blog Traveling Bride! Thanks so much for the comments.

    You have a lot of great ideas. Unfortunately Friday isn't really an option for us because it starts the sabbath for us Jews. We would have trouble finding a rabbi that would marry us, or we'd have to get married so early on Friday that our guests would have to travel to us on Thursday (making it a 4 day weekend for them!). Sunday is always cheaper than a Saturday too... even on Holiday weekends!

    I love the idea of the recovery picnic. The last wedding we went to we had to hop on a plane the day after the wedding. My fiance was in PAIN. It was a tough morning after.