Thursday, April 30, 2009

Three Splurge Items

One of the guidelines many use when planning their wedding budget is establishing 3 splurge items and cutting costs on everything else.

We haven't set our items in stone just yet because we haven't REALLY started planning everything, but I would love to know what you would choose or did choose (if you're already married).

Here's a list of wedding needs (let me know if I'm missing some - I'm sure I'll miss a few):

- Venue Location
- Catering (food & alcohol)
- Wedding Dress
- Guest List Size
(luxury to invite the amt of people you want)
- Photographer
- Videographer
- Wedding Cake

- Reception Entertainment
- Invitations
- Reception Decorations/Centerpieces
- Flowers

- Gifts

- Rehearsal Dinner
- Hair & Makeup

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100th Facebook Fan Wins Porsche!

As I stated on my twitter feed, whoever became the 100th fan of the 'Temple of Groom' facebook page would win a beautiful Porsche. Well, congratulations to John Kapla! John signed up last night at 6pm and was immediately given the keys to his brand new car!
Thank you to all the fans that have signed up on facebook! Don't worry, there will be plenty more prize giveaways! Contests are happening now!

Current Contests
- Sign up for the facebook fan page here.
- Leave comments! (prizes awarded for: best comment, most comments made, and certain landmark number comments such as 50th comment, 28th comment, etc)
- Landmark Number Follower - click "follow" on the 'Google Followers' tab. (sign up with your gmail account, instant messenger name, yahoo account)
- Landmark Number Twitter Follower - subscribe to my twitter feed here.

Thank you guys for all of your support! Seriously, the blog has taken off faster than I ever imagined. If you have any ideas of posts you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to email me!

Monday, April 27, 2009

If you like it, put a ring on it.

I can remember the exact moment I decided I eventually wanted to get engaged. I was 12 years old and at a magicians club meeting with my father. An old man spoke to several overweight magic nerds between a slight of hand and card trick routine. I eavesdropped. He dropped a pearl of wisdom on us - "when the diamond hits the door, the panties hit the floor!" - and it changed my adolescent life forever. Unreal. That's all it takes?.... A diamond ring? Sign me up.

14 years later I realized that getting a diamond ring is a LOT more work than I thought it was at 12 years old. It's so much second guessing, anxiety, and frustration. Will she like this ring? Will she hate this ring? What damn ring size is she? How do I find out what she wants without her figuring out what I'm doing? After all is said and done, if I could go back in time, I'd tell my prepubescent self to explore other options to make panties hit the floor.

However, now that I've survived buying the ring, I'm here to pass along what I learned to anyone about to take the engagement leap. I'll spare you the "Learn your 4 C's (cut, color, carat, clarity)" lesson. You can find that stuff everywhere on the internet. Instead I'll fill you in on the stuff you won't find on the Tiffany's website.

1. Don't be afraid to ask everyone you know (that won't ruin the surprise of the proposal) if they have a "diamond guy". If you know that your friend's cousin is a diamond wholesaler, start talking to him. This is the time to bite the bullet and befriend every jerk you may know that you once hated if he has a connection. The best weapon in your engagement ring buying arsenal will be a good diamond guy. Check out the fingers of your friends' fiances and wives. Did your cheap son-of-a-bitch friend just give his girlfriend a rock that prevents her from lifting left arm b/c it's so heavy? If so, tell him that you don't even know where to begin to look for rings. Chances are he'll point you to his guy. Find as many diamond guys as you can. Go with the one that you feel comfortable with or the one that will give you a great deal. In the end, they'll all give you prices that are below what you'll find in a store, and chances are you'll get a better ring than you'd find that's mass produced. Also, they will be willing to coach you through the entire process.

2. Hit the net. There are a couple websites I used when I was looking for rings. Blue Nile and Abazias are the two that I frequented. While I've never purchased diamonds online I do know some people that have done this and have been happy. The sites gave me an idea of what I could afford, and they gave me an idea of what rings existed.

3. Speaking of "afford", let's talk money. In 1947 some a-hole at DeBeers came up with that "a ring should be 2 months salary" idea. How DARE someone with the word "beers" in his name come up with such a crippling rule. Truth is, spend what you can afford. Also, keep in mind that you can change out the stone when you get more money one day. It's not the end of the world if you can't afford the biggest and the best right now. If you are on a budget, pick one of the C's that you don't mind sacrificing. If you want the most sparkly and bright white diamond, you're going to have to sacrifice on carat weight (size). If you want a big diamond that sparkles a good C to sacrifice is color. A great budget buy is a diamond that may not be the most white. Girls tend to look at sparkles and size, and once you get it in the sun, it's hard to tell between the different grades of color. Also, round diamonds are generally more expensive than square because it's the one shape that appears bigger than it actually is. I'll spare you the geometry lesson, but the weight of the round diamond is at the top so a 1.5ct diamond may appear to be 2ct whereas a square diamond may be 2ct but only look 1.5 because the weight is in the bottom of the stone. THEREFORE, if you can only afford a 1ct round diamond, it's okay because in the end it'll look like it's 1.5ct.

4. Understand that your girlfriend ALWAYS knows what's up. She knows you're interested in buying a diamond. You may blindside her with the time and place of the proposal and she may not see it coming, but dude, girls ALWAYS know when you are/aren't thinking about rings. Just be hip to her hint dropping. And girls, figure out what you want and drop hints. Listen when she talks about her friend's ring. Try to get an idea of what type of jewelry she likes and you can tell your "guy" and he'll help you. If there's one thing to find out it's the shape she likes (ie round, pear, princess, asscher, etc). That way, you can't screw up. Just get the stone you can afford that's the shape she wants, and she'll be happy.

(a note to girls about dropping hints... be realistic. also, don't drop hints too early. you'll know when the time is right.)

5. Lastly - Relax. Know this - whatever you get she.. will... love... You can't go wrong. It's one more diamond than she had yesterday. It's a sparkling rock that some dude dug out of the ground, and you bought that will remind her that you love her. She'll understand the time, energy, and money that went into purchasing it. You can't go wrong. I promise. But seriously, don't eff it up. Kidding. You can't.

Guys, leave any questions or comments you may have! Did I leave anything out? Add it!
Girls, feel free to jump in on this! What do you like? Got any questions?! Got any advice?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Band, DJ, iPod?

Guys, let's start with a topic I know you all care about - music. It's perhaps the only manly wedding issue there is. So we'll take baby steps on our "Let's all care about our wedding planning" journey. Instead of jumping into the "make our own invitations" and "DIY centerpieces" pool, we'll just getting a toe wet and talk music puddle.

Reception entertainment is huge. I think we can all agree that it will make or break the wedding. So the question is: Band, DJ, or iPod? I think all have their pros and cons.

Band: Most expensive, but easily most awesome. What kind of band do you pick? Personally I don't want a band that's going to play music I would tell a DJ not to play ("Celebration", "We Are Family", "Shout"). Just because it's live, doesn't make me love it. You want to appeal to everyone at the party, but where do you draw the line? One of my cousins had a New Orleans jazz band at his wedding. I didn't know a single song, but it was the most fun I've had dancing at a wedding. So do we pick a band that plays fun music nobody knows? I almost love that idea. (post your wedding band ideas, suggestions, etc, in the comments section!) Oh, also, what happens if the band doesn't know the song you want as your first dance? Will they learn it? I picture a jerk lead man saying "This band plays what we want, when we want, we aren't going to learn "You're still the One" by Shania Twain." (that is not my first dance song btw).

DJ: Less expensive than a band, but in my opinion the biggest risk. Wedding DJs seem to be loose cannons. They take song requests even when you tell them not to, they play ice breaker songs like the macarena, chicken dance, etc. How can I trust a grown man that calls himself DJ Dano (actual name found when googling DJ, wedding, Los Angeles)? HOWEVER, I'm in no way totally against having a DJ at the wedding. I just want someone I can trust. Someone that knows I will throw him out if he plays something I don't like. I'm sure there are incredible DJs out there that can be told "don't talk unless asked", "only play our approved music", and "NO icebreakers" and will listen. Post your DJ advice, horror stories, success stories, in the comments section of the blog!

iPod: Definitely the least expensive option. I have the ability to create my own playlist. Sure it can't change with the flow of the party, but my playlists are awesome. Okay admittedly I've been at a party where I plugged in my iPod and then questioned why the hell I put songs next to one another - six 80s songs in a row - really? Friends have said there are horror stories about wedding iPod entertainment. I'd love them to elaborate in the comments section! Has anyone ever considered hiring someone to sit by the iPod - a makeshift dj? I want to hear your iPod reception stories!

Alright everyone, voice in! Let me hear your advice and opinions! What did you do at your wedding? Did it work? What are you planning at your wedding? Are you happy with your selection? Nervous? Comment below.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Parents Will Kill Me...

...but I think I'm definitely going to wear these with my suit at my wedding:

It's just more me than a suit & shoes I would wear to synagogue.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What to do when your fiance picks horrible colors!

Any of you that actually know me know that there's only one thing I truly hate - The Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan, and it's just something inside me I can't restrain. I really hate the Steelers.

That being said, can you imagine the look on my face when my "Future Wife" (shout out to "The Room") proposed the Steelers colors as our wedding colors. Thank god she told me this while on iChat. My face emoting pure disgust shielded behind a laptop miles away.

I could hear my Baltimore buddies (especially Nick) cracking a whip, laughing at me, berating me with insults on my wedding day. This could not happen. Which led me to ask the question:

"What do you do when your fiance picks the colors of your arch nemesis sports team as your wedding colors?"

- The first step is not to panic. Nothing is set in stone quite yet.
- The second step was to start thinking about what colors I would RATHER have. The first thing someone asks when you shoot down their suggestion is "Well what do YOU want?!" It's always good to have a suggestion in your pocket.

The solution, and I have countless wedding blogs to thank for this, is an Inspiration Color Board.

Inspiration color boards are collages made up of pictures that contain the colors, the looks, the feels you want for your wedding. I knew this was the only way I could ditch the Steelers white & yellow for other colors. Instead of just nixing the idea, I had to show something I liked more.

What is the one thing that overpowers The Pittsburgh Steelers?... The Baltimore Ravens. That's right. I added purple. Problem solved.

That's a copy of the board I created. I kept her colors, and my manhood. Mission accomplished!

Guys, always, always, always keep your cool and have an option you can suggest rather than just shooting something down.

What time is it?! GAME TIME!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to the Temple!

Well look who it is! I was hoping you'd come. I sent the invitation knowing there was a good chance you probably would flake, but I'm SO excited you decided to stop by. Stay a while! Call your friends... invite them over too... it's cool, there's plenty of party for everyone!

Welcome to the "Temple of Groom". I'm your host, SuperDave. I wanted an outlet to talk about weddings, without hanging out at the girl's table while my boys watch the game in the other room. This blog is what I came up with. I know there aren't a lot of of wedding-caring guys out there, but I'm really interested in my upcoming wedding. I care where it will be, what we'll eat, what the centerpieces will look like, who will photograph it, etc etc etc. I'm not afraid to admit it. Sometimes I wish I wasn't this way. Sometimes I wish I could be the guy that just shows up, says "I do", drinks some alcohol, and unwraps wedding presents my wife registered for - God knows it'd be much easier for me. But I'm not that guy...

If there are any of you out there like me, THIS is your venue.
If you secretly care, but aren't quite at the admittance stage, THIS is your venue.
If you're a girl, but want to see what guys care about, THIS is your venue.
If you're a girl, and you have a plethora of wedding info and just want to teach me, THIS is your venue.
If you just want to lurk, potentially laugh while learning something useful, THIS is your venue.
If you're a wedding vendor that wants to give me a discount for pimping you out to my followers, THIS is your venue.
If you want to rag on me because I care, THIS is your venue.
If you're a family member and you only came because you felt obligated, THIS is your venue.

Look, I know for many of you, this will be great ammunition when we're in a sports argument... I'll make a valid point, and you'll tell me to go post it on my wedding blog... but I think this can be a fun place for all of us. Guys, girls, grooms, brides, husbands, wives.... everyone.

Welcome to the Temple!

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