Friday, October 30, 2009

Suit Shopping

I'm not ready to buy my Wedding Day Suit, but I at least want to start browsing what's out there. I know that I want something more tailored and form fitting yet a little on the casual side. Something I can wear with sneakers. I've always seen myself in a light gray suit. Rebecca is hoping for a 3 piece suit, and I think that sounds good too, but I'm not opposed to a 2 piece if it's the right suit.

I do know that I want the suit to be something special though. Anyone have any cool places to look for a suit other than the usual Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, K&G, JCrew options. I think I saw something on Etsy where you can have a custom suit made for a REALLY great price...I'll have to find that seller again.

Guys, what did you wear to your wedding? Gals, what did your husband wear?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wedding Report!

I went to a wedding last weekend in Virginia. We had a great time. The wedding was a really nice event. Every wedding I go to I come away with a few more tips, or ideas. It's the best way to figure out what you want for your own wedding. Here's what I have to report:

- At the tail end of the ceremony the woman officiating commented that golf is a big part of the groom's life. The groomsmen lined up horizontally facing the Chesapeake Bay and in a salute each took a shot off into the water. Then they lined up with their golf clubs and raised them like military swords. The bride and groom walked under the swords and back down the aisle.

It was a great idea for someone that loves golf. A 10 man golf salute. It was the talk of the reception. It really showed me that we should find a way to make the ceremony OURS. Instead of something sterile, we should somehow inject some of US into it.

- So another chapter in the DJ vs Band debate. The band at the wedding was AWESOME. They had a great sound and everyone seemed to enjoy them. I heard "the band is great" multiple times. HOWEVER at the end of the day, more people hit the dance floor when the band took a break and the bride's ipod playlist was plugged in. The guests at the reception were young. A lot of people in their 20s and 30s there... and they LOVED dancing to popular music from right now. The band played music that was a bit older. SO, it showed us that having a band was really great, but music selection is every bit as important.

- The buffet was full of great food. The highlights were lamb chops and a great beef roast. Because there was no seated dinner, that meant that there were no assigned seats. This was nice, but at the end of the day, once you got your meal you had to scurry to find somewhere to sit. The feel of the wedding was very much more cocktail hour-ish as I got the feeling the bride and groom wanted us to get up and dance more than sit down and eat. The vibe was very young and fun.

All in all it was a really great love filled event. You could tell they focused on making sure everyone was having fun. The bride was the first one in the dance circles and yet she made a great effort to go around and talk to everyone in attendance. It was great.

HOWEVER, a quick note to all of my non-Jewish friends out there. Take time and buff up when you go to a Jewish wedding. You will have to lift the bride and groom (and usually their families) up in chairs during Havah Nagilla. When they are lifted in these chairs, you're required to hold them safely in the air... not drop them to the floor. Unfortunately at the wedding this last weekend I witnessed someone get dropped from about 8 feet up... Unbelievably this was the first time in my life I've ever seen someone get dropped. I've been going to bar/bat-mitzvahs and weddings for years and never saw this happen. I'm now incredibly paranoid. I'm going to go on a diet to help you all out, but please do your part and try not to drop me. If you have weak arms, perhaps you sit this one out....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Wedding this Weekend!

My cousin is getting married this weekend and I'm excited to get to another wedding. It's always great to see family, but I'm also excited to see the wedding.

I'll report to you on Monday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raining in LA

So, our wedding is in October of next year, and I must admit - this rain (in October) has me nervous about our outdoor wedding.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dress Code

Can someone please explain to me what all the different dress codes mean? I mean I know that black tie means dress fancy, but what falls under the category of black tie? Tux? A dark suit with a white shirt and a black tie? If it says "Black tie optional" what are my options?! I know I can probably find this online somewhere if I google it, but that wouldn't be fun for the rest of us and I would be depriving people all over who are as clueless as I am!

Black tie, black tie optional, semi-formal, cocktail attire, formal, semi-casual, business attire.... the list goes on and on... Someone please come to the rescue and solve the riddle!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Checklist

I got the email from "The Knot" - we've got 1 year until our wedding. While many people will scoff and say that that's an eternity of planning time, I start to feel like we're behind. Is that ridiculous?

Here's what we've gotten done:
- Picked a wedding date
- Committed mentally & financially to a venue
- Rebecca has her dress
- We've both got our wedding rings
- We have a Rabbi
- I bought a screen printer to do our invitations
- Picked colors

Here's the major stuff we have to do:
- Book a photographer (anyone know any good up and comers that need a wedding under his/her belt and would love to get some good ol' blog advertising?!)
- Book dueling pianist (see above parenthetical)
- Create invitations, wedding info website, & save the dates
- Think about wedding decorations (centerpieces, chupa, etc)
- Register for gifts (how far before the wedding do people do this? I'm thinking it's when the save the dates go out?)

I'm sure there's a ton that I'm forgetting that we have to do... and I bet Ms. Temple of Groom will remind me of stuff that we've done that I didn't list. This is just the stuff that's on my mind.

So, don't hold back... how behind are we? Tell me like it is... I don't need you to sugarcoat.