Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Down goes Pie, Down goes Pie

After 8 days and 60 votes, "Wedding Cake" was the clear winner in 'Temple of Groom's' first poll.

Here are the Final Results:

28 votes (46%) - Wedding Cake
17 votes (28%) - Wedding Pies
15 votes (25%) - Could go either way

If you were a fan of pies there is, however, a positive spin to put on this poll. 32 of you (or 53%) agree on something OTHER than wedding cake. Perhaps the "could go other way" people forgot about the variety of pies out there (sure there are fruit pies, but there's also peanut butter pie, coconut cream pie, key lime pie, pecan pie, chocolate satin pie, pumpkin pie, etc etc). Even if they didn't forget, the majority of you agree that you don't HAVE to have wedding cake at a wedding. That opens up the realm of possibilities for a wedding.

I don't want to take anything away from "Cake's" hard fought victory. It put the stomp on the competition. While it started out slow, it realized that it was a marathon not a sprint. Congratulations to Cake and all of its supporters.


  1. I voted pie. I like pie. I don't LOVE cake. It's overrated. I'm pro finding other dessert options.

  2. I said it once, i'll say it again. I want milkshakes!!! (and a table of twix bars). That's my dream wedding, but since that's unacceptable and my mom shot it down, I'd prefer a pie to a cake any day. Cake is BORING and TYPICAL. Two things that we are not. :) so there.

  3. Maybe I'm just too traditional. I think people expect wedding cakes, but I don't think that that means you can't also offer other desserts.

    Is your fiancee pro pie? You could always have a regular wedding cake and instead of a groom's cake you could have a groom's pie.

  4. I'll reiterate what the totally sexy girl above me said....

    I think you should be able to offer a bunch f different types of pie, but at least the bride and groom should have a cake, even if it's small.

  5. This is actually kind of a simple solution.


    Cake shaped like a pie. You're welcome.

  6. My fiance decided he wanted pie for his groom's cake, so we're having cake AND pie. That's probably a solution everyone can live with.

  7. If I had it my way, I would want either cheesecake or cupcakes. I don't really like icing, and with decorations and whatnot, there tends to be a lot of icing on cake. Plus pie is hard to cut/serve (depending on the pie). But the milkshakes idea sounds amazing and different, you should do that!