Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Question for the DIY Brides:

What is a Gocco, and do I want one?!

On so many wedding blogs I see women going nuts because they just got their new gocco. I've even gone to the Gocco website and looked at them - all I understand is that it's some kind of Japanese printing machine.

Help me! What's it do? How do you use it? Do I need it? How do you pronounce the name?! What makes it better than using photoshop/illustrator and printing on a high end printer?

Don't just send me the wiki link, I want to hear from you if you've got one! Do you like it? Did you use it?

Teach me your ways! I feel left out of the loop on this one!


  1. Apparently no one else knows what it is either...

  2. I was getting a lot of site traffic from projectwedding.com Someone there posted about my blog in a forum! I was hoping a bride would educate me! Apparently it's this incredible mini silk screen printer that makes awesome invitations or something. Maybe I need more followers before I get the answer to this one!

  3. I have no idea.... we're using a color laser printer for our invites.

  4. I've been debating one too...wondering how successful people are in reselling them once they've bought/used them. Looking forward to seeing how it goes if you get one!

  5. projectwedding strikes again! lol...get ready.