Monday, May 4, 2009

Say Yes to the Dress

Hopefully the majority of my guy friends won't realize the title of this post is also the title of one of my favorite Wedding shows on TLC. Oh, I typed that out loud, didn't I? They can read this?... um.... just kidding, my fiance TOTALLY makes me watch the show during the commercials between UFC fights, football, Girls Gone Wild infomercials, and other man stuff on tv.

So, guys, I have a question for you.. Do you ever wonder about your bride-to-be's wedding dress before your big day? Do you care what it will look like? Girls, do you ever consider asking your groom's opinion before you buy the dress or walk down the aisle in it? You ask us whether your normal everyday clothes look nice on you every time we leave the house... Do you ever consider taking us with you to try on dresses to get our opinions on essentially the most important dress you'll ever wear?

I completely trust Ms. Temple of Groom's tastes in clothing and I know she'll look stunning in whatever she decides to wear.... HOWEVER, I'm extremely curious what dress she'll pick. Because of the fact neither of us can keep a secret, and we're perhaps two of the most indecisive people on earth (at times), I'm quite sure I'll know what her dress looks like well before the wedding. Is that okay? Additionally, if she decided to keep it a complete secret from me, I'd be totally fine with that too. I don't want you all to think I'm demanding to go dress shopping!

So, my final question to everyone is this: Do you think the guy should have ANY input on the wedding dress?

Input can be anything from a comment just thrown out there (ie "I think you'd look great in a casual wedding dress") to actually taking your groom to try on dresses. Should the groom be left out of this wedding task?


  1. Well, I already know that you will most likely see a photo of the dress before the wedding. (considering I've sent you every link of dresses I like so far). Also, I know me well enough to know that probably on one lazy saturday afternoon, when we are just laying around, not showered, eating take out and watching movies, I will probably decide to try it on for you. Is that so bad? I can already hear all of my girlfriends gasping. But I know I would regret not having your opinion more than not having it be a surprise. Besides, it's who we are, and I love that. So, to sum it up, I think that it's totally fine and acceptable to get your fiance's opinion prior to the wedding.

  2. I took my FI with me to the store to show him my favs and let him pick a few dresses for me to try on. He enjoyed it and I am really happy to know that he loves the dress I ended up choosing. While I do not care about him seeing it, my mom would die! So I am keeping this from here.

  3. I doubt I would include my guy on picking out a dress. I like the idea of him having no idea what I'm going to show up in and just being surprised and awe struck. I'm terrible with surprises, but I'm pretty sure that is one I could definitely keep.

  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with seeing the dress beforehand... but I don't want to. I want her to make that decision, and I want to have that "holy shit" moment when I first see her in it.

  5. While I don't have a problem with my FH seeing my dress ahead of time, HE wants it to be a complete surprise. He doesn't want to know color, style, anything. The first time he wants to see it is for our First Glance photo (I had to talk him around to this...because he really wanted to have the first time he saw me be as I walked down the aisle... very sweet...but I really didn't want us to miss half of our reception OR rush our photos.) But yes, he wants to be completely surprised.

    I've been very careful not to show him my dress or any links. On the other hand, I do know of one bride who was casually trying to get her guy's take on the dress and she showed him a picture of it (along with several others) -- he reacted very negatively to it. So she showed him more, and then that one again, and again he responded negatively. She felt awful and is now worried about what he will think on their wedding day -- she no longer loves her dress as much as she did. I don't want to be in that spot!

  6. gotta be's the one traditions id like to keep! don't get me wrong i had a HARD time picking out a dress, and i almost broke down and asked david to come but ultimately i think it will only add to the day being so special if its a total surprise.

    however i did get some ideas of what david doesn't like before i went shopping (i.e. hates random big flowers that protrude from wedding dresses a la carrie bradshaw in sex and the city!) SO now i can rest assured that i didn't pick something i know he'd instinctively hate!

  7. When we were first engaged, my fiance asked me when we could go dress shopping. Seems he was out of the loop about the no-seeing-the-dress thing. While I don't feel strongly about him seeing the dress or not, I'm pretty sure that is one of the things he wants to keep to tradition. I definitely have been keeping him in mind in picking out a dress though. When choosing between a couple dresses, I just think about which one he would like better and the decision is made! Either way, I don't think there's anything wrong with a groom seeing his bride-to-be's dress as long as they're both ok with it!