Friday, January 29, 2010

Navy Seal Proposal - yay, nay, or effing NAY!

I came across this video today of a Navy Seal proposing to his girlfriend at the premiere of the "movie" 'When in Rome'. Apparently he won a contest from Robbins Bros and decided it was a great idea to propose on the red carpet.

Look, I know the guy could pummel me to a pulp, but I think this is a proposal FAIL. I have to know what you all think. It doesn't even seem like the fiance is happy.

Look I'm protected behind the beautiful cloak of the internet so I can say what I'd like about this guy and unless he REALLY wants to use his navy seal talents, I'm safe. She looks horrified and looks like she doesn't know what to do. As if watching 'When in Rome' wasn't torture enough, she's going to have to figure out how to tell this guy she only said 'yes' because there were hundreds of photographers taking her picture.

Lastly I just think the "hey, will you marry me" line just didn't seem well thought out. OR maybe it was EXTREMELY thought out - and that's all he could come up with - and it's a terrible proposal....

Oh! But if you are the Navy Seal that just happened to stumble upon this post cause you googled yourself and wanted to see the coverage you're getting... jussssst kidding!!!!!!! Congratulations on your engagement! You two are PERFECT for one another. SO romantic. I'm misty eyed!


  1. I actually think she started out completely mortified that he had to tie his shoes ON THE RED CARPET!!!

  2. Her reaction makes me think she was planning on breaking up with him right after the movie. He just made the whole situation a ton more awkward! Plus, I can't imagine how embarrassing it would be to have such a personal moment in front of a bunch of people with cameras.

  3. I just don't get why he started by pretending to tie his shoes. Not exactly the most romantic way to do it.

  4. The video actually lost me at the porn music/ring montage. I'm not sure if she was mortified. Did he drug her before getting there because she didn't really react much at all? They do make a cute couple, though, so, awkward proposal aside, I wish them the best.

  5. k, so Im the girl in the video.. They didnt show everything he said during the proposal he quoted a bible verse that is very important to me, also what you dont see is how completely shocked I was, and the fact that right as its happening hundreds of photographers start yelling stuff at you all trying to get your attention. Im not a crier and it seems like because I didnt you guys think Im not happy some how.

  6. Aubrey, I think this whole post stems from a bit of frustration on Dave's end. He's a pretty good guy, but when no one agreed to go with him to see "When in Rome" he cried and bitched about it for weeks. Dave can be very hurtful without his Josh Duhamel fix. You should have seen him in between the two Transformers movies. He spent two years editing out Jimmy Caan and Nikki Cox in his "Las Vegas" box set.