Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Entertainment Machine

I've dedicated a chunk of time today attempting to find bands online. I'm sifting through tons of pages, and watching demo videos. To make things a little more fun I'm pretending I'm a high level record producer looking for the next big band. Unfortunately, I haven't found it yet.

But one listing COMPLETELY caught my eye, and I've been obsessing over it for the last hour or so. I've laughed pretty steadily since I saw this listing, and it's just totally made my day. It just tickled me the right way. So the band I found advertised themselves with by saying:

"With our band, you're not only getting several bands in one but literally an entertainment machine."

This sent my mind into a frenzy. I know they're describing themselves as being an entertainment machine, but I've been laughing since reading this imagining the band showing up with a LITERAL (as they said) entertainment machine. I've been wondering what the entertainment machine looks like. Will it clash with our centerpieces? Do I have to worry about the safety of my guests? If left unattended is there a chance it could enter attack mode? SO, I know I'm an ass, but I couldn't resist myself - I emailed the band and inquired about the entertainment machine. Here's my letter:

Hi! I'm very interested in hiring your band to perform at our wedding reception in August, but I've got a few questions regarding the entertainment machine you bring. Space is an issue at our venue, approximately how large is the machine and is it aesthetically pleasing? If not, is it something that can be hidden so guests don't see it? I assume that it's needed for your performance but if it's not, is there a way you can please work up 2 price quotes - 1 with the entertainment machine and 1 without? Lastly, I'm a little concerned about power for the entertainment machine. Does it run on regular 120v power? If not will you supply a generator?

And finally, here is what I picture the entertainment machine to look like!


  1. Darvey I just laughed hysterically the ENTIRE time I read this!!!!

  2. Waaaaaaayyyy too much time on your hands, Mr. Soldinger. Funny!

  3. I lead an '80s band in Austin, and now I'm jealous that we didn't think to market ourselves as having "an entertainment machine." Wish we could play for you. We're a ton of fun. Where do you live?

  4. bahahaha, AWESOME. i want an entertainment machine JUST LIKE THAT at our wedding...

    (girl posting.... I sent your blog to my fiance and a few friends. SO glad you're doing this!)

  5. I'm very glad my fiancee introduced me to your blog! I also pity the fool who doesn't care about his own wedding! It's cool that your from LA too, I'm from the area and whenever I find wedding sites and blogs they are run by people from across the country.