Monday, February 1, 2010

For Your Enjoyment: 1988

As promised when I hit 100 blog followers, I'm uploading a few embarrassing videos of myself. More will come when I hit 150, then 200, etc etc etc.

The first video is from my great aunt & uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. Apparently I wanted to showcase some truly great impressions. It's a tad hard to hear due to flawless 80's technology, but you almost don't need to hear it the impressions are so uncanny. I'm one of those people who transforms into the person he's impersonating. In case you can't tell what's going on first I do Yogi Bear then my dad gets mad it's not one of my better impressions. Next up is Robin Leach, ALF, then I end my set with Pee Wee Herman.

The second video was one that happened to be on the same vhs tape as the previous. Rebecca thought this was more embarrassing and that I'd be doing my followers wrong if I didn't add this.

Let me set this one up... it's 1988. It's a roller skating birthday party. It doesn't highlight my coordination. At some point during the party I must have seen some "cool" roller rink worker do a move where he skated extremely fast then enjoyed the wind in his hair while gliding resting his body on his knees... At the end of the day, I guess I was professional enough to give that a whirl.

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  1. Wow... that's the same spirit you showed in fantasy football this season. You kept falling down, but you would kept getting up... and tucking your hands under your chin.

  2. Dave you look just the same! Your voice is a little deeper now. And despite those amazing moves, I found the Charlotte Hornets sweatshirt with collar the most enjoyable part of this VHS!

  3. Ah hahahaaaaa! I so needed that! Good Job keeping up the routine all the way to the end... LOLOL oh, Thanks Dave!

  4. I LOVE that you come of the floor and STILL put your hands under your chin! After seeing this, I know now more than ever that you and Reebs are perfect for each other! She ever show you her tapping coordination on the back porch?