Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DIY Save the Dates & a short rant

I've been working on these "Save the Dates" all day today because all of a sudden it feels like we're behind. We're still a few days shy of 8 months away but it seems like other people who have weddings AFTER ours have their stuff (not the original word I was going for) together.

To those people I say, "Stop it. Seriously, relax. You're making us all look bad. You've got more than 8 months till you're wedding and you're already over prepared. Just enjoy being engaged. Please. My parents already have me thinking the wedding is falling apart, and my relatives can't believe I haven't told them where to book hotel rooms yet. So stop. Everyone benefits. You get a few days away from yelling at vendors, and I get an anxiety free day where I realize we have a lot of time left."

Anyway - I think the save the dates are coming along nicely. I should be finished soon, and then can jump onto stressing about something else. How is it possible that I was the one that wanted the wedding! Rebecca would have been fine eloping! That's not looking so bad right now. Courthouse pictures could be nice w/ our photographers shooting it!

PS. If you aren't like us (idiots) and just want a ready-made Save The Date, check this cool one out from The Wedding Chicks by clicking here.


  1. I think your friends have been reading those d*mn Knot checklists. Those checklists are evil and drive everyone unnecessarily batty. Remind yourself that no one really makes travel plans eight months out - it's more like six. Then take a deep breath and remind yourself that you're not just on track - you're early.

    Effing h*ll. There are people who get ENGAGED six months out and manage the logistics. You're totally on track. You know it, now just find a way to block out the noise (ie the family and friends.)

  2. I would totally still go for the courthouse wedding Davey- however, now that I have my dress, we need the big wedding. The wedding is for the dress. Damnit Monique Lhuillier for making such pretty things, and the Glamour Closet with their good prices!!!

  3. I hope this isn't about me. I feel like I should be offended.

  4. Oh my gosh Alyssa, no way is this about you! Rebecca told me yesterday that a coworker got a Save the Date for a wedding in NOVEMBER and it kind of set me off on a downward spiral. Your wedding is before ours! I hope I didn't offend you.

  5. Dude. Your photographer is awesome. Gets me excited about weddings just looking through his blog.