Thursday, July 2, 2009

LIFE Gets Married

...and I get sweet sweet vindication!

LIFE Magazine posted some great vintage pictures of famous weddings and one in particular caught my eye. Take a look at this picture of JFK's wedding and the caption LIFE has written about it, and tell me what's rightfully missing from the wedding day equation.

"Sitting Down to Dinner"
"The Kennedys enjoy a bridal meal of fruit cup, creamed chicken, and ice cream sculpted to resemble roses, 1953." -LIFE Magazine

So... what's missing? A CAKE!!!!!!! Ah HA! No cake! If ice cream (or at least a different and, in my opinion, much better dessert) is good enough for JFK, an American icon, it's good enough for me! Case closed. Look at this quote I dug up (made up) on the internet from President Kennedy.

"We choose to go to the reception. We choose to go to the reception in this decade and not have cake. Not because it's easier and cheaper, but because there are other desserts, because that goal will organize and measure the best of our creativity and taste.

And so my fellow Americans, ask not what you can do for your baker or pastry chef, ask what your baker or pastry chef can do for you!

I had a dream, and it was a reception without cake! Read my lips, no new cake! Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall of cake! I did not have sexual relations with that cake. A reception without cake, YES WE CAN"

-President John F. Kennedy

Wow... he said all of that stuff... fact. And he had Marilyn Monroe, so I think that pretty much wins it for everyone who voted "Not cake" in the first Temple of Groom poll. His vote counts more....


  1. Ahhh...what's missing...his wedding ring?!

  2. HAHAHA! I didn't even notice that! Had I found this picture a month ago (before I decided to wear my Grandfather's old wedding band), this would have been a "Kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone" post: No to Wedding Rings AND Cake!

    Good eye Downtown Brown!

  3. I hate to break it to you, but they did have a cake...

    That doesn't mean, though, that you have to have one!

  4. Like everything else JFK related, I'm going to assume this is a giant conspiracy theory. OBVIOUSLY that's a doctored photo that the AACL (American Association of Cake Lovers) fabricated when they found out JFK wasn't having a cake at his reception.

    I'm fairly positive about this one.... ice cream AND cake, ludicrous. This cake picture is the grassy knoll of wedding reception lore.

  5. Oh man, I heart ice cream but I love cake more ... or rather i love frosting!!! In fact instead of a wedding cake can I just have a giant bowl of butter cream frosting? I promise to shove some of it in my husband's face!! Please oh please!

  6. I totally support your fight against cake! I did not want cake at my reception, but DH insisted. *pout*

  7. hahahaha! great post! Cake?...Just say NO!

  8. I totally noticed the no wedding ring first.