Thursday, July 23, 2009

I now understand why rehearsals are needed!

While we're on the subject of the Rehearsal Dinner, it got me thinking, why even HAVE a rehearsal?! I mean we've all seen enough weddings to understand how it all works. He walks, she walks, they listen to the Rabbi (or priest or friend that got his license on the internet), then they walk out together smiling... easy. I'd like to think that I'm fairly good at walking. I mean, I haven't gone PRO, but I think I could have - anyway, I never understood why one needed to rehearse...

....until now. Check out this video. It's GREAT.

Totally worth all of the rehearsing. I love it all. I bet that was a really fun reception.

ps. before I get yelled at in the comments, I do understand why to rehearse the wedding, and Rebecca, I know I'm not going to have a dance party down the aisle procession


  1. I posted this today too! I LOVE it, wish I had thought of it first!

  2. i love when the first dancing groomsman throws the programs in the air! lol