Thursday, July 9, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

I'm going to a wedding this weekend, and as I sit at my desk, starving for lunch, I can only think about what type of food they'll serve. I'm positive I marked "Beef" months ago, when I rsvp-ed, but I'm daydreaming about what kind of beef, what kind of passed hors d'oeuvres will there be, maybe there's food planning to be there that I don't even know about! I'm excited. It got me thinking though, do any of you have a wish list of foods you'll see at a wedding?

There is, however, one item that makes a guest appearance every so often that literally makes me do a jig when I see it: the huge tower of shrimp cocktail. The most delicious oxymoron there ever was, the jumbo shrimp pyramid. I've been known to devour 3 dozen shrimp before cocktail hour is over. Call me George Costanza, I don't care. My dad and I stand with our backs to the shrimp table as if we've yet to see it, and one of us will casually say "Did you know they had a jumbo shrimp cocktail tower?". The other will subtly act surprised when he turns to see it. It's a beautiful dance we do once our appetizer plates are empty.

Other notables on the "Dream Team" of wedding reception food I'm compiling in my head are:
  • a table w/ various cheeses and meats (sausages, prosciutto, etc)
  • some sort of mini crab cake (one that doesn't try to be a Maryland crab cake, perhaps one that has some sort of asian inspired dipping sauce)
  • perhaps some sort of salmon (or bacon) wrapped around a piece of asparagus
  • a nicely cooked, and cut, steak (I'm fine with roasts, but an actual steak is on the dream team)
  • desserts other than cake
  • a signature drink (I like the thought of having one more than the drink most of the time!)
What foods make your list? Did I leave anything out?!


  1. I remember having once at a wedding, or was it a work event? either way, i loved it! there was mini crostini's topped with a tuna was wonderful, and I ate about 30 of them. What I also love, is when drinks are passed around during cocktail hour and you're not stuck waiting in a line, only to FINALLY get a drink when the hour is over. It always makes me happy when someone comes to me and offers me a glass of wine that just so happens to be right there on a tray.

  2. I've never been to a wedding that had good food. Most of the weddings I've been to just served church food, which usually consists of dry chicken, potatoes, green beans, spaghetti and maybe a peach cobbler. I would love to see a tower of sushi at a wedding. Mmm!

  3. I am adding in Risotto Balls! those were the best.

  4. I'm a fan of a sushi chef. Signature drink is a must. The Godiva Martini I made for everyone at my last party was my sister's signature wedding drink.

  5. Asian dipping sauce???? I don't even know you. Turn in your Flacco Jersey and Maryland Pride Membership card at reception.

  6. Gomez, I think there's a misunderstanding... I, of COURSE, want a true Maryland Crabcake whenever I can get one. One WORTHY of the "Maryland" title. The problem is, every crabcake I've ever had one that claims to be "Maryland's finest" outside of the state is a cheap bastard impostor. A crabcake from G&M is ALWAYS atop my dream team list. However, if I'm not in Maryland, don't try to give me a Maryland crabcake, it won't work... give me crab, yes, make it a cake, sure... don't pretend it's from Maryland. Switch it up. I guess what I'm trying to say is that some crab cake is better than no crab cake, but don't call it Maryland... does that make sense?

  7. We want a more casual, party-like feel for our reception so we aren't having a sit-down meal. We are having three rotating food stations throughout the night so people can eat and mingle as the night goes on. We're also trying some more non-traditional food. One of our stations is a chef-tossed pasta station where you choose your fun ingredients, and another is mini slider-like sandwiches with a mashed potato bar! We're making it classy, tasty, and fun at the same time :)

  8. Ah I agree about crab cakes pretending to be from Maryland. I refuse to have any crab cakes at all unless I am eating it in Maryland. Anything else just wouldn't be the same. There are also several types of food that are super delicious with Old Bay on them. My favorite right now is popcorn, but I'm not sure that is a food that would likely be served at a wedding...