Saturday, August 1, 2009

TOG Official Trainer: Jonathan Beran

Getting in shape for a wedding is mandatory. I want to look great on my big day. I know myself, and I can't do this without calling for help. Well, Temple of Groom brought in the big guns.
I'm stoked to announce that personal trainer Jonathan Beran has joined the team and he's here to help ALL of us that want to get in shape.

Jon trained Hayden Panettiere (the cheerleader from "Heroes") and she looks pretty good! He will post on the blog from time to time and give us helpful information on getting in shape. Whether it's for your big day, or just because you want to shed some weight, his info is great.

LASTLY, and probably most importantly, Jon told me that he will give SPECIAL LOW RATES to any Temple of Groom follower! Also, and this is a great idea, Jon is giving very low rates to engaged couples! Visit Jon's site to get in contact with him. Just mention the blog to get the low rates.

Lastly, I asked Jon to come up with 3 VERY easy tips for an out of shape guy to look better in a suit (let's start simple). Here they are:
  1. Split your big meals into 2 smaller meals, and eat small meals every 3 - 4 hours instead of big meals every 5 - 6 hours.
  2. Even going for a 45 minute walk can help! Getting to a gym is obviously the best, but putting forth any effort a few times a week DOES help!
  3. Make sure your suit fits and stand up straight! Any guy can make a suit look good as long as it's properly tailored to fit you well.
If anyone has questions or comments for Jon, feel free to email me, or leave them as a comment! Welcome aboard Jon!!

Jon's site:

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  1. I can't wait to get skinnaaay!

    Dear Wedding Dress:
    My flabby arms will miss you, but they know when they've overstayed their welcome.
    Oh, and my ass says the same thing.