Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your close friends are DRUNKS! (Poll Results)

Poll Results are in! The question asked was "Who is likely to get the most intoxicated at your wedding?". Your Close Friends were the run away...victors? ....no.... drunkards! Here are the results:

1. Close Friends (31%) - I figured they'd be up there! It's really the reason we all go to weddings for our friends, right? First question is always "are they having an open bar?".

2. Best Man (25%) - You gotta get a little "loose" to give that best man speech, right?

3. Parents (10%) - Hey, the kid is not your responsibility anymore, right?! Time to celebrate!

4. Bride (7%) - All you brides who said "I'm only going to have one or two drinks were lying, huh?.
Aunt/Uncle (7%) - Glad we didn't have to pay for this wedding! Coulda been our kid!

5. Cousins (6%) - We got drunk at their weddings, why shouldn't they get drunk at ours!

6. Groom (3%) - Thought this would be higher up on the list, it was going to be my excuse - "Groom came in 3rd in the poll! Why can't I get drunk?!!?"
Maid of Honor (3%) - Guess the girls don't have to get as drunk as the guys to give the speech!

7&8. Someone that got a pity invite & Other (2% & 1%) - who cares....

Btw, I thought I'd post a picture from the future... this will be me at the next wedding (only I'll be wearing nicer clothes)

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