Friday, October 30, 2009

Suit Shopping

I'm not ready to buy my Wedding Day Suit, but I at least want to start browsing what's out there. I know that I want something more tailored and form fitting yet a little on the casual side. Something I can wear with sneakers. I've always seen myself in a light gray suit. Rebecca is hoping for a 3 piece suit, and I think that sounds good too, but I'm not opposed to a 2 piece if it's the right suit.

I do know that I want the suit to be something special though. Anyone have any cool places to look for a suit other than the usual Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, K&G, JCrew options. I think I saw something on Etsy where you can have a custom suit made for a REALLY great price...I'll have to find that seller again.

Guys, what did you wear to your wedding? Gals, what did your husband wear?


  1. My husband and his guys rented from Men's Warehouse. They had a great selection and were very affordable.

  2. What I did for the last wedding I went to, and is currently the plan for my wedding, is to get a vintage suit and have it tailored to fit.

    I'm pretty lucky though, as there's a specialist vintage suit shop not far from where I live.

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