Thursday, November 5, 2009

An awesomely geeky invitation!

Thanks to my friend Ben for sending this to me. And before I post it, I just need to give Ben a few props - this is one dude that finds some cool wedding stuff online! One day maybe he'll start posting stuff on Temple of Groom.

Anyway - check out this invitation. It's one of my favorite all time invitations. I love people that actually take time to think about how to make their wedding THEIRS. They aren't trying to impress anyone, they are just thinking how they can inject themselves into every aspect of the wedding. I love it.


  1. Awesome. Takes a certain amount of radness to pull off the 8-bit invite.

  2. Interesting wedding invitations are the go this year. We do caricature invitations based on the couple's photos and hot they want to be portrayed. I really original way to set the tone for the big day. Og the image can be used again on wine labels, and as a sign-in board. Or have a new one done ;)