Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Checklist

I got the email from "The Knot" - we've got 1 year until our wedding. While many people will scoff and say that that's an eternity of planning time, I start to feel like we're behind. Is that ridiculous?

Here's what we've gotten done:
- Picked a wedding date
- Committed mentally & financially to a venue
- Rebecca has her dress
- We've both got our wedding rings
- We have a Rabbi
- I bought a screen printer to do our invitations
- Picked colors

Here's the major stuff we have to do:
- Book a photographer (anyone know any good up and comers that need a wedding under his/her belt and would love to get some good ol' blog advertising?!)
- Book dueling pianist (see above parenthetical)
- Create invitations, wedding info website, & save the dates
- Think about wedding decorations (centerpieces, chupa, etc)
- Register for gifts (how far before the wedding do people do this? I'm thinking it's when the save the dates go out?)

I'm sure there's a ton that I'm forgetting that we have to do... and I bet Ms. Temple of Groom will remind me of stuff that we've done that I didn't list. This is just the stuff that's on my mind.

So, don't hold back... how behind are we? Tell me like it is... I don't need you to sugarcoat.


  1. Registering for gifts is the most fun part. Just take an entire day and go to the stores that you want to set up your registery at. They'll take good care of you, and you'll get totally trigger happy with the little scanner gun. Other than that, I'd say you're totally on the ball. The save the date would be the next thing i would focus on. You don't need to really worry about the centerpiece and flower stuff until you're a couple months away. Instead focus on the guest list and finish booking everyone.

    I also just realized that the acronym for "Save the Dates" is "STD". I totally initially typed "Make sure you get your STDs taken care of." On second thought, that's probably sound advice.

  2. You forgot that we already got a play station, so that checks off one more (very important) item that we needed to register for. :)

  3. I am a newcomer to your blog, but am so excited to share this with my fiance! I'm a RI bride-to-be and came across your blog just yesterday! I've nominated you for a Keativ Blogger award on my blog :-)

  4. Definitely start thinking about your vendors - cake, photographer, florist, caterer, etc. You want to try and have solid bookings by 9-6 months prior to the big day. Sounds like you still have a good amount of time to research and interview vendors before you really need to commit.
    I'm a wedding planner for a venue - if there are people who work for your wedding site, check in with them and make sure you know exactly what they're providing and what you'll need to get elsewhere. Effective communication can definitely help avoid wedding day fiascoes!

  5. I think you're in pretty good shape - but I would hop on getting that photographer nailed down. They book up quickly and that's an important vendor you want to have scheduled sooner rather than later.

    After that, focus on your save-the-dates, since those should go out pretty soon as well. You don't want the invites coming a week after those save-the-dates, you know!

  6. Don't worry it sounds like you are on track. It's when you hit the 3 month mark that you'll really start to go crazy.
    Create the wedding info site first, then register for gifts, put the registry info on the website and then include the website address on your save the dtaes, so the guests can easily refer to everything. We used personalized magnets as our save the dates. They work great because people can put them on the fridge and be easily reminded of the upcoming event.
    Otherwise, all the things you mentioned can be done now but don't have to be. You can give yourself another month I'd say, though don't wait too long on a photographer or musicians.
    As for the Knot... yeah... don't worry, it's just a guideline. My suggestion though... don't even look at it starting at the 1 month mark. You WILL panic. At that point it's best just to trust your own judgement because the checklists started to freak me out LOL

  7. yes you're being a little ridiculous thinking you're behind because from the sound of it, you've most essential things covered but it does depend on what you're after. if the most important bit is the actual ceremony (which is is for most people but not all), then think about that bit first & get that all sorted. i.e:

    ceremony venue, rings, rabbi, gown, suit, ceremony guest std's, photographer/videographer etc.

    There's a LOT of guidleines out there on the internet that say you have to get things done by a certain timeline and some of those lists are HUGE and very very scary. My advice would be to go to Offbeat Bride Advice, print out their timeline guide and then cross out all the stuff that doesn't apply to want you want on your day. I found it hugely helpful to get a better idea of what was really important to us for our wedding and we've only got 6 months total before the big day but we're not stressed out, just enjoying it and have everything pretty much sorted already.