Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Destination Wedding Magazine & Looking Forward!

I can't believe I haven't told you that I now have been contributing to Destination Wedding Magazine!  My column in the bi-monthly magazine is called "Grooms Room".

My first article (which appeared in the the Jan/Feb issue) is chock full of perks on planning a destination wedding.  I can't believe that a magazine actually encourages me to give tips like:

"Do you feel bad telling your guests you don’t want a choir of babies screaming over your vows?  Let your destination wedding break the news for you. As badly as you don’t want kids at your wedding, there’s a stronger desire within your guests to not trek to distant locations with their offspring."

Before you get angry with me, it's all in jest.  I love kids.  Everyone loves babies and children.  I just didn't really want them at my wedding.  And the fact that there was so much travel involved getting to our wedding location was a wonderful deterrent for keeping the toddlers away!  

But, there are also some really great tips and thoughts in the article as well.  Ideas I'm betting you overlooked.  Forget everything you think you know about destination weddings!  In the article I tell you why you really really really want to have one!  

Anyway - I'm very excited about the opportunity that I've been given to continue to talk weddings with anyone that will read my thoughts.  I never expected this blog/persona to live on for much longer than I posted my wedding pictures and video, but I'm extremely excited that it has.  

Nearly 2.5 months into this new year, I've already been invited to 6 weddings.  So perhaps I'll continue to be inspired by weddings and will get a new round of material to reference in my articles.  I love that Temple of Groom exists in 2013! 

Also, be on the lookout for my upcoming articles in Destination Wedding Magazine.  In the next issue the article I wrote is stuffed to the gills with great ideas where to cut costs in your destination wedding.  And I just finished writing a great article on how to make your "beer & wine only" bar fun for your guests who were expecting hard alcohol!  You guys really should check these articles out - if for no other reason than I want to be invited back to keep writing for you!  


  1. Congratulations! I love reading that magz so entertaining and lots of ideas for wedding plans.

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  2. Most people love kids, whether or not to have them at your wedding,sure creates some interesting discussions!

  3. Pete, I'm not saying people don't like kids, I'm just saying that some people don't want them at their wedding and feel bad saying that. Sometimes a perk of a destination wedding is that people won't WANT to bring the kiddies. And of course, everyone's situation is different. Sometimes a bride and groom have kids, or are aunts and uncles to children that they adore and kids are an absolute necessity and definite at the wedding (as they should be!). Just giving suggestions, in jest, to people that don't want children at their celebration and are too shy to enforce that.