Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shower time

In a couple weeks Rebecca is going to have her wedding shower. She really wasn't sure if she wanted to have one or not, but as we've gotten closer to the party, she's getting pretty excited. She really didn't know if the get-together/games thing was her. I think that a lot of the silly games kind of turned her off and made her think that bridal showers were just not "her". BUT when she realized that it was just a party to alleviate the stress of wedding planning for a day, and just let her relax with her family and close friends back home, AND it makes her feel like a bride for the first time she recognized that a shower could be a good thing. Last but certainly not least, we've gotten our first taste of getting items off our registry. We have a pavlovian salivating response every time we see the UPS truck go by. It's been awesome.

I wanted to post Rebecca's invitation to the shower because I think it's really great.

With a little help from Ernie, Rebecca created the entire invitation herself (I cropped out the details of the party: where, when, etc). She did all the photoshopping. Believe it or not Ernie's shower cap used to be pink and I kind of demanded that we change the color... she really got bit by the DIY save the date/invitation bug. OR maybe it was all that whispering I've been doing in her ear when she's asleep "Rebeeeeeecccaaaaaaaaaaa youuuuuuu want to make your shower invitation! Youuuuu can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  1. I am totally impressed. And now I want to play with Ernie.

  2. He's the cutest thing EVER! I have the invite at my desk and it's so helpful when work gets stressful!!! Can't wait to see Ernie this summer (and Rebecca at the shower!!)!

  3. Awwww im glad you posted this while I was out of town...it really made me smile!!!!! man it's only been 12 hours but i sure do miss you guys. Also, side note, isn't it funny that so far all three comments on this are from girls named Rebecca??? :)

  4. These are so adorable! what a great idea.