Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Perfect Card Box Giveaway!



For those that didn't win, now is the time to buy a Perfect Card Box. FREE Shipping promotion happening as we speak!

I'm thrilled to announce another Temple of Groom giveaway. This time I'm giving away something that you can definitely use at your wedding - The Perfect Card Box. Put this card box on your gift table and you don't have to worry about misplacing any cards (especially ones with cash!). Your table will just look nicer with the perfect card box instead of a bunch of cards strewn around. It's just a nice finishing touch! It's all about the details, right?

This is a great way to display a couple of your engagement session photos, or maybe just some of your other fun pictures. The box locks, so if you've got that one friend that loves to get blackout drunk and steal stuff (who doesn't have a friend like that?!) you won't have to worry that the honeymoon fund you were counting on will disappear. The winner will get his/her choice of white card box or black - a $79 gift for FREE! Hop over to The Perfect Card Box to take a look at what they have to offer.

1. If you aren't a follower of the Temple of Groom blog, follow it (on the left side of the screen there's a section titled "Become a Temple of Groom Follower") - if you already follow the blog you can skip this step.
2. Leave a comment on this post!
3. Email me: (this way I can easily contact you if you're the winner)

The contest closes on MONDAY (April 19th) at 4:00PM. I will enter every entry into the computer and let it randomly pick one of you! Good luck!!


  1. Hey SuperDave,

    Thanks for all your great advice. It's helping my fiancee and I plan and avoid many potholes along the way.
    I'd love to enter this contest. Thanks!

  2. I just noticed that blogger is giving me comment issues! Hopefully nobody is having issues commenting to enter the contest. I got one from a follower named Jay - if your comment isn't showing up, just email me and I'll make sure you're entered!

  3. I am now a follower of your blog. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  4. I love this box! I haven't seen it before!

  5. 37 days till our wedding! Great job on the blog. We're down to the nitty gritty details now, so this would be a really cool prize!

  6. Thank you for sharing your wonderful advices and ideas. It really help a lot of people, specially those couple who are planning their wedding.

    I love the boxes by the way.

  7. I'm a follower already :) and will be sending you an email now! thanks!

  8. Dave,
    Love the blog, and am curious to see how the Ben Folds thing works out for you. The "Perfect Card Box" looks cool -- thanks for offering this giveaway.

    redsnowshoe (at) hotmail (dot) com

  9. Very nice card box...and it would look awesome to display in a living room after the big day! It doesn't look "bridal" or "cheesy" like so many card boxes do!

  10. As we JUST started planning, I'm pretty psyched to find that these card boxes even exist!

    Fingers crossed!

  11. Dave,

    Look forward to hearing who the winner is of THE PERFECT CARD BOX please let your followers know that we are offering "free shipping" right now on our card if they don't win at least they can take advantage of free shipping!!

    Kelly Marie

  12. This would save me! Told my fiancé I could find it cheaper then she did. Free would trump her. Thanks for the opportunity.