Thursday, April 22, 2010

A note about photographers

A good photographer is worth his/her weight in gold. It's one of the best splurges you can make for yourself on your wedding day. A good photograph is timeless. It's something that will be passed down for generations. A good photograph can transport you to the exact moment it's taken. Can make you smell things, taste things, feel things, etc. That's why I feel so at ease and confident with Callaway Gable.

On the flip side, I came across this wedding photo, and wanted to show what a BAD photographer will let you do.
The dreaded duckface. It's become quite the fad lately and can be found in nearly every drunk high school or college student's facebook photo albums. Some know the look as Zoolander's "blue steel" others know it as stupid...

Gather round kids, this was Grandma on her wedding day. Didn't she look so beautiful. Classy and regal! Oh, that?...that's Grandma's duckface. All the hot girls were doing the duckface back in the day. You hadn't "arrived" till you brought the duckface out. Oooh and the next picture, that's Grandpa getting photo bombed by a groomsman with his penis out!

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  1. You know she asked for that picture just to get it on her FB profile. ;)

  2. omg i spent an hour looking at yesterday. i laughed until i cried. thank you for bringing this travesty to light.

    leigh of 'i do declare'

  3. This is classic, definitely re tweeting this one. i'll try not to take a duckface photo a the next wedding. LOL!