Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, we just moved our wedding date 2 months earlier! We were sitting at lunch the other day and I asked Rebecca "why are we waiting till October to get married?!" Neither of us had a good reason. I think somewhere in the mix we decided that we wanted to get married at night time, so we picked a month where it gets dark earlier. When we decided that we didn't really care about that anymore, we kept the date. We should have moved it a long time ago.

I'm really happy with our new date: August 8th, 2010. It looks nice written out. This is going to definitely be our date. I'm done moving it! Now the fun begins. We just lost 2 months of procrastination!

Here's my current to do list:
- lose weight
- start designing our wedding website/save the dates/invitations
- find music!

There's plenty more on the list, but those are the things at the front of my mind. This is starting to get fun. I finally have more stuff to blog about! Stay tuned.

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