Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Gift to Ben the Groom

This weekend a fellow groom blogger is tying the knot: Ben the Groom. First and foremost, congrats to one of our blogging brothers! I think this is the first groom blogger I've seen get married off since I started blogging!

Ben is faced with a dilemma that in less than 2 months time I'll have to figure out myself: where do groom bloggers go once married?! Hopefully Ben will stick around long enough to show us pictures of his wedding and fill us in on everything he learned from the wedding!

I figured that I would get something for Ben... my gift..... the gift of song. (click play on the youtube video then read my lyrics starting at :15 along with the music).

"Ben the Husband" in the key of "Ben" by the Jackson 5
Ben, we hope that you will blog some more
You finally reached what you were posting for
Grooms can sometimes feel alone,
The Knot won't throw us a bone.
But you, my friend, helped me
you were my Wedding Bee. (you were my Wedding Bee)

Ben, you're always posting everywhere,
about what guys should wear as underwear.
If I'm ever in a bind
and don't know where to find
Your posts, one thing I know
You're twitter's where I'll go (you're tweeting all the time)

I used to say - wedding industry
never had, guys like me.
But I was wrong, obviously
Now it's "us", now it's "we"

Ben, most people would turn you away
People don't listen to a word grooms say,
Tweens don't tweet half as much as you
making weddings work for you
I'm sure you'll post again
as a husband blogger Ben


  1. This just about made me spray my coffee across the office... the photographer's looking at me as if I've gone nuts!

  2. Brilliant - I love it - you need to do some more!


  3. hahhahaha!

    This is the best wedding gift ever! and all the motivation i need to keep posting!


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