Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We have a photographer!!!!

Last week we booked an awesome duo that will shoot our wedding! I'd love to introduce you to Brian Callaway and his wife/shooting partner Allison! Together the two of them make up CallawayGable Photography.

Rebecca and I are in love with them, and their work. The pictures they take are beautiful, artistic, and memorable. Allison is a former high-fashion model and utilizes the experience she has by knowing how to pose the bride and groom. She knows all the best angles. What I've learned by looking at some people's photography, even if you're looking for that "photo journalistic" style - if the photographer is shooting you from the wrong angles or you're recreating a moment posed in the wrong angle, the picture is useless. Brian has such a great eye and looks to capture as many senses in each photograph as he can. The dude even makes iphone pictures look incredible.

Best of all, the two of them couldn't be nicer! I'm so excited about having them shoot our wedding. I feel comfortable with them, and even though I've only known them for a little more than a month - I feel like they're friends! I trust them, which is so great. One thing I definitely don't have to worry about on the day of the wedding (ie "did the photographers get that?! UGH!)

Check out some of their pictures. I'll post some engagement session photos whenever we get them taken. Can't wait to have these two photograph us!

(I mean REALLY?!? look how awesome that posed photograph looks w/ the wedding party! I don't love traditional staged photographs, but I'm dying to have one of these a la a Vogue magazine picture, or something you see on a billboard advertising Gossip Girl!)

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  1. Very, very cool stuff. I kind of like that idea of a staged Vanity Fair style wedding party pic as well. It's something they could all keep a framed copy of.