Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A STD that makes my childhood happy!

Came across this Save-the-Date this morning and had to repost it! I used to LOVE garbage pail kids when I was growing up. Hell, I STILL love Garbage Pail Kids.

Painted by a real Garbage Pail Kids artist, Brent Engstrom for a friend. Visit his blog if you need a moment of nostalgia! I gotta say, if I received this STD, it would be one wedding that come hell or high water, I would attend. (note: I don't ACTUALLY judge which weddings I attend based on the STD. I don't want to start an uproar)


  1. In the past I didn't judge weddings by the STD I got before the weddings... only the STD I got afterwards.

    Right? Right? I'm fabulously amusing.

  2. That cartoon is too darn cute.


  3. LOL! This could be the most memorable thing that happened during your childhood years. Isn't it amazing that even if at your early age, you were able to pair with somebody?