Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Wedding Video

If you frequent my blog, you've most likely read about our videographer, Daniel Boswell. Allow me to once more get on my soapbox and shout out how badass I think this guy is. I know that posts get tired and old where you hear the writer say over and over again that you need to hire his/her vendor cause they are the best - but, seriously, you need to hire Daniel Boswell. The guy is brilliant. I'll let his work back me up - but stick around for my thoughts after the video because I'll explain to you that this was SHOWN at the freakin wedding reception.

Pretty awesome, right? Let me tell you a little bit about the process of the man that Rebecca and I would refer to as "The Boz".

Daniel and his team of 2 other shooters got to our wedding as Rebecca and I were getting ready. They were so quiet and so professional that they just blended right in. Getting ready in front of them felt natural. Rebecca told me that she even asked "When do you think the videographers are going to get here?" and they were already there shooting video! It allowed us to get ready naturally. So Daniel and his shooters film as we get, ready, we have our 1st look, we have pictures taken, we sign the ketubah, we get married, we cocktail hour, then our first dance. That's all the usual. Here's where the incredibly awesome part kicks in.... Daniel has his 2 shooters continue to cover the wedding reception while he hauls ass and edits the footage from earlier in the day. He's like a mad scientist in his lab, importing footage, editing, etc. In the time that it takes most to import a photo of their dog sneezing to upload to youtube, The Boz has already imported and edited together footage up until our 1st look. The guy is a machine.

About half way into the ceremony while we're cutting our cake, Daniel is on the dance floor setting up a projector and screen.

(remember: wedding photos taken by Callaway Gable Photography)

All our guests gathered around and watched the 4 minute video of footage they didn't see throughout the day. The awesome thing about Daniel Boswell's work is that our guests really enjoyed watching it. Even though they JUST saw us get married and have our first dance, they were still captivated by the video. They hadn't seen our 1st look, or the getting ready footage, so it was something new to them as well. I was worried that it would maybe be that cliche "Wanna see slides of our vacation" scenario - but it totally wasn't.

Friends that work in the film industry were baffled at how great the video was and how quickly it was put together. I think that they liked the video not only for content, but also for the fashion in which it was created. Family members were completely moved. Everyone loved it. WE loved it. Chris Easter from The Man Registry was at our wedding and can back up how awesome it was. "I actually was shocked when the video started playing and I realized it was the wedding that had JUST HAPPENED. Somebody give this guy an Oscar for editing on the fly!"

From day 1 I've said that the most important thing is to pick vendors that truly love the work. Vendors that aren't doing it for a paycheck, but do it because they are passionate about weddings, or the service that they provide. This rings true with Daniel. He enjoys the thrill of meeting the deadline - having to get things done in such a hurry. If you don't understand how impressive this is I'll tell you, it usually takes HOURS for someone to even load footage into a computer to edit. Additionally, once you get it into the computer, looking for shots and organizing footage can be an all day event. I'm just saying, it's fucking impressive, okay?

Anyway - that's our Same Day Edit wedding video! More wedding details to come!

BTW, if you're interested in hiring Daniel, please visit his website:


  1. I still smile and get chills watching that video! I can't wait to see the finished product from the whole day and night. I know it will be spectacular!

  2. Great video, Dave!

    Two random thoughts - first, I love that you wore Chucks to your wedding. Second, one of the stars of the video was definitely Danny's 5 o'clock shadow first thing in the morning :)

  3. Wow, your wedding video is like a scene from a romantic movie and to think the videographer did it all in less than a day. That is pretty awesome!I wish I had gotten a videographer for my wedding...hey guys thanks for posting. Your wedding video is so romantic, makes me want to be wed again...♥

  4. I saw this was amazing video, In my life I never seen this type of wedding ceremony

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