Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What to do when your fiance picks horrible colors!

Any of you that actually know me know that there's only one thing I truly hate - The Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan, and it's just something inside me I can't restrain. I really hate the Steelers.

That being said, can you imagine the look on my face when my "Future Wife" (shout out to "The Room") proposed the Steelers colors as our wedding colors. Thank god she told me this while on iChat. My face emoting pure disgust shielded behind a laptop miles away.

I could hear my Baltimore buddies (especially Nick) cracking a whip, laughing at me, berating me with insults on my wedding day. This could not happen. Which led me to ask the question:

"What do you do when your fiance picks the colors of your arch nemesis sports team as your wedding colors?"

- The first step is not to panic. Nothing is set in stone quite yet.
- The second step was to start thinking about what colors I would RATHER have. The first thing someone asks when you shoot down their suggestion is "Well what do YOU want?!" It's always good to have a suggestion in your pocket.

The solution, and I have countless wedding blogs to thank for this, is an Inspiration Color Board.

Inspiration color boards are collages made up of pictures that contain the colors, the looks, the feels you want for your wedding. I knew this was the only way I could ditch the Steelers white & yellow for other colors. Instead of just nixing the idea, I had to show something I liked more.

What is the one thing that overpowers The Pittsburgh Steelers?... The Baltimore Ravens. That's right. I added purple. Problem solved.

That's a copy of the board I created. I kept her colors, and my manhood. Mission accomplished!

Guys, always, always, always keep your cool and have an option you can suggest rather than just shooting something down.

What time is it?! GAME TIME!


  1. Based on the Steelers success, I would convert. Have one of the Rooney brothers immerse you into a tub of Miller High Life.

  2. Dave, love the blog dude. I'm one of those guys that when I was planning a wedding, I was actually the one mroe into it. The menu, the colors... it was all my deal. i've also coordinated the planning of two other weddings since then and I actually kind of dig it... maybe I missed my calling. Anyways, thanks for the blog.

  3. For the record, i suggested black and white with yellow accents...which also just so happens to be the steelers colors,yes, but I wasn't looking for a steelers themed wedding! I hate football :) Also, i'm letting 'Superdave' wear ravens dress socks if he can find them anywhere.--so if anyone knows if these exist, please send him the link to make his dream come true!

  4. getupkid4uga - you'll have to email me some tips! Or post advice in the comments! sounds like you'll definitely be helpful around here!

  5. Some possibilities...

  6. I usually like to start reading blogs from the beginning to see if I really like them. My fiance and I are both from Baltimore and are Ravens fans. This post pretty much made up my mind as to whether or not I should follow this blog. I love your color board and am sad that I didn't pick those colors for my wedding.